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The Beach Time from 1958 was the latest and most complete Bally Bingo of the Magic Squares. All items of the card could be moved, so that the chances to win were much improved
The Hi Fi from 1954 is the only Bally Bingo with a playfield in the cabinet that could move. By pushing a green button (on each side of the cabinet) it was possible to energize the two springs, so that the playfield could bump without tilting the game.
The Dude Ranch from 1953 was, with help of my good friend Oldbinger, found in the USA. It was in a very poor condition. Now it is fully restorated in my gameroon.
The Key West from 1957 was specially made for John Lee Thompson from the UK. He published an extensive restorationreport on his Blog
The Big Show from 1956 was a very popular bingo. The playcard has four Magic Squares, which could be turned before playing the fifth ball. The red, yellow and green lines made it possible to gain high scores.

The Cypress Gardens from 1958 has been made for Ed's private collection. This bingo with 4 Magic Squares and the movable E line is one of his favourites. According to Ed Bally mixed the right elements of features and odds in the Cypress Gardens, which made the game very attractive.

The Gay Time from 1955 has four vertically movable Magic Lines, but above all the magic Pockets. With this device the balls in the line 1- 7  could be moved. See for the extensive restoration report by clicking the picture.

The Yacht Club from 1953 has a feature only used this one time - shifting/overlapping cards. The actual card is 5x9, but only one of the possible 5x5 squares you could make from it will score. If you succeed in lighting "3 cards", your would be able to move the two red lines one column to the left or right, thus choosing one of three possible 5x5 cards. "4 cards" and "5 cards" could be lit to allow shifting the lines further right.

In 1955 Bally produced the Beach Beauty (not to be confused with the later built  Beauty Beach) and introduced the "Wild Pockets". Read an extensive report of the restoration by clicking on the picture.

Bally made in 1955 also the Miami Beach. The playcard looks similar to the card of the Yacht Club, but was opened and closed by a set of metal slats. The extensive report  with many pictures can be read after clicking the picture of the Miaimi Beach

The Double Header, presented by Bally in 1956 is a very special bingo. Bally combined two different playcards in one machine. This bingo is pretty rare. By coincidence this bingo came across. A restoration with a surprising end.
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In 1959 Bally introduced the Ballerina.
A bingo with the Magic Curtain and with the possibility to reverse the top line of the holes (1-7) without moving the balls. This new feature was only used in the Ballerina and would never come back.

The original buttons 1-7 and 7-1 were produced in a very short period, so they are hard to get. Fortunately we still had a new set and it was the start of a new restoration.

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