The Ballerina was introduced in 1959, and it was the second bingo in a series that would be known as the Magic Screen bingo's and later the OK machines. The bingo was in a few essential points different from the Carnival Queen which was introduced a year before.
These new features we would never return in any other bingo.
The  Roll Over star in the playing field-mounted makes it possible to step up the the Magic Screen feature during the game,  (normally the Red or Yellow star is used for an other feature
More ingenious was the ability by pressing a button on the front bar  to swap the numbers of the upper line (Nos. 1-7). So it was possible to get the ball in hole 1 the value of hole 7, while the ball was not moved. That meant that nr 2 became nr 6 and nr 3 became nr 5. But the ball in the centre (#4)always kept the same value. Once Bally built a complicated system called the Magic Pockets unit in the Gayety and Gay Time. At the Ballerina the feature is operated by two each other switching relay's. Also sensitive and difficult to adjust, but it turned out to be more reliable.

We decided to restorate a Ballerina because we never did a Magic Screen bingo without the OK feature and because we still had a new set original front bar buttons 1-7 and 7-1  and a new backglass. That's always a nice start if you have these parts which  aren't obtainable anymore.
As usual the cabinet was completely stripped and  all corner joints of the head and the cabinet were  glued again, sanded and primed. The Ballerina has a special surface and also a special paint composition, in which the drawing is not very difficult to reproduce. This paint turned out to be difficult in the past because there are very few Ballerinas with the original colours and paint. That is because the paint used in the early sixties, did not attach the surface very well. Now, however, the special paint caused many headaches, but after spraying of various layers with all kinds of colors  the bingo looked like original again.

After spraying the outside and parts of the inside, cleaning  the wiring harness and all units and indexes, new coilstops and here and there a new coil, replacing leather clutch washers, polishing bolts, making new title cards, and an update of all parts of the playfield, everything could put back together again. Big question is always: what problems will still have to solve.
There still were four problems:
1. All fittings of the white board still had to be cleaned, and many fittings were heavily corroded. Many lamps of the Magic Screen card were black and many other lamps were broken.

2. It appeared thst 3, 4 and 5 in line did not register, while the section winners register fine. It turned out that when mounting the Search wiper, this unit was rotated 180 degrees. Therefore it is wise to mark it during dismantling.
3. The extra balls did not lift and the two lights of the extra ball relay burned quite faint. It turned out that a contact sheet of the extra ball trip relay was almost broken. It worked yet  but sometimes made poor contact because the switch did not have pressure.
4. The Spotting index was rather noisy. It turned out that not the proper plunger was used. After replacing the entire unit the problem was solved.

By clicking on the picture you can get an impression of the restoration of the Ballerina
Very clean Search Relays
Front Ballerina
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