Part 1
As I wrote before: sometimes you must be lucky in finding a new wanted bingo. Coos did play a Beach Beauty from my collection. A bingo from 1955, which appeared to be not very popular, but Coos liked it because the special gimmics. As not popular, they are hard to find. So it was nice to find an exemple, which even had a very nice backglass.The owner did ask a spectacular amount (we could take it free), but lifting the head we realized something was wrong, as the head was very light. There were no keys, so we did force the backdoor and we noticed the reason. Nearly all units were removed, even the mixers were dismantled. In the past I made new units and even a tripbank from parts and I do have a working Beach Beauty as an example, so I decided the head could be built from parts again. Fortunately the cabinet with playfield was complete and that made us decide to take the bingo with us. Underneath the playfield of a Beach Beauty are a number of special units and delay relays, which do not occur in any other bingo, so they will be very hard to trace
So things were so. A Beach Beauty, whose header took a lot of work and a cabinet with playfield that lookes complete.
Well we restored a number of bingo's last months and we decided that the beauty would be a winter job, because making stepper units and wiring can also be done from behind a desk. And then suddenly another head of a Beach Beauty crossed our way. That would be good example, and we could make another bingo without many problems.That head was in Belgium and was laying around there for a long time waiting on a restoration, because the owner had been searched for years in vain to get a cabinet with playfield. But also in this head was a lot of parts cut out and items removed, and the idea to complete a bingo pretty easy fell apart. A brief inventory led to the discovery that at least one complete Supercard Unit (which includes wiper, wiring, switches and coils) had to be made. That for some units the coils, springs and levers had to be found, that a spotting disc slip ring had to be made, a complete relay bank had to be put over, a few switches for a search relay had to be found, a mixer motor had to be searched and the pick ups of the search wiper unit had to be fixed. Moreover, the fuseholder was cut out (but we always replace the original!) and we did not know how the state of the other components would be.

Meanwhile, steps were taken and after a complete Super Card Unit  from parts was built, the backdoor was taken from the hinges and placed horizontally. That works much easier. First of all the simple items were assembled. The liberal / conservative circuit serving the Super Card and a new score Corners Replay unit being transferred. The Timer Unit and the Feature Unit was disassembled and it appeared that a new step-up coil was necessary for the timer. After an intensive cleaning everything was reassembled. It appeared that the wiring of the wiper unit of the Score Unit was burned, so that wiring was replaced with the original wiring. Then the new Supercard Unit was assembled. An exact job, with many soldering. Last the entire Mixer and Spotting Unit was to go. A new slipring was made fot the spotting unit and, after removing the mixer, the entire shaft appeared to be rusted, the washers of the clutches were poor and that a wire from Mixer # 1 was broken. A completely new and silent engine was taken from stock and everything was cleaned and reassembled. The back door, the first part of the Beach beaty was ready.

After that work on the Control Unit started. As the Search Wiper with the slipring was cut out, but there was one in the donor head and it could be used. After dismantling the Control Unit it appeared that the leathers of all clutches had to be renewed as they were fully worn and the motor was burnt. Fortunately all parts were on stock. After a really good cleaning everything was put together again and adjusted. A new fuse block was fitted with seven fuses (the Beach Beauty also has a four volt circuit) and the Control Unit with Search Unit was new again.
Then it became time to start the most complex work, the back of the whiteboard. That a coil and levers of the Extra Ball unit had disappeared, was not bad, there were plenty of units available as donors. The same  for the replay counter that appeared to be incomplete. The rails of the register was found stuck and therefore opted for a revised counter that was still in the warehouse. Last the four relay bank had to be transferred. About 40 solder joints were to be made. To simplify this work, all wires of a donor bank were supplied with with a label with the original colour code. Sometimes it is difficult to trace the original wire colour. So with use of a multimeter and the schematics we could figuring out the codes of the cable. When all wires were provided with a label, the original cables in the head turn to be encrypted. This proved much more work, but finally there was a bunch of spaghetti with labels. Luckily they had done a proper job at Bally's many years ago, because there were just so many wires in the original wiring harness than the wiring harness of the new relay bank. For the rest it was accurate soldering and finally the wires bundling together and finishing. The back of the whiteboard was ready.

Finally, the front of the whiteboard was taken up. Many lights were gone and after dismantling the existing lights the whiteboard could be cleaned well. After that, all corrosion was stripped with a Dremel from the fittings, the lamps were tested and a few new lamps were fitted. The head was ready, the cabinet with the playfield are still to do.
The restoration of a Beach Beauty 1955
The front of the whiteboard
Problems with the back box
The work started with the backdoor
An empty head
Another head
To be contniued in part 2