After the restoration of the Bikini, there was another Bikini waiting in the workshop. This bingo will  also find a new owner in the UK. Fortunately was the cabinet of this Bikini much better, but of course there is always something different. The front bar of this Bikini was missing, but with help of Coos a new bar has been made and as usual Ed will do the technical job. However this technical restoration took more time than usually. The inside of the cabinet and the backside of the whiteboard with the Magic Screen was no problem for the Bingowizzard, but many items of the backdoor were changed in the past. Many loose wires, (the managers did their upmost to reduce the chances of player and to increase their own profit) and some hidden problems in the wiring, did Ed challenge to use all his bingo skills. Finally the Bikini surrendered and it played like new again. As Ed sighed, it was hard work and a challenge, but I am satisfied with the result.


When Bally introduced the Can Can in 1961 was it was elaborating on a theme. The Magic Screen with the OK game was known from the County Fair in 1959, and this bingo was followed by the Laguna Beach and Roller Derby. After that came the Circus Queen. The Circus Queen had the possibilty to score 3 in Blue to get 300 or 600 credts and even with 2 in Blue for 600 credits. However the managers did not like this gimmick. In all bingo's we found the 2 in Blue relay was out of use.(*)

Besides it was possible to get a green score with three balls in the orange section.
Bally added an extra feature to the possibillities of the Circus Queen. Next to the blue button on the front they fitted a white button. With this button the yellow striped and red striped super section could be energized.
But Bally did something extra. In the flyer of the Can Can they mentioned the introduction of a chrome-flashed cabinet and a tuff-kote playfield. Those steel panels must be a really improvement against cheating, because on many woodrails a similar panel was fitted.
What I like most of the Can Can is the artwork. The nice colours (this time no fair or beach item) and the seven different Can Can dancers of the Paris Moulin Rouge, combined with the splendid playfield give this bingo a place of honour in my Bally Bingo Collection.
On behalf of Ed I had to say that not all the operators were as bad and did this trick!!
(Click the picture to see the report of the resoration)