Phil Hooper writes on his website: The Double Header is a fairly hard game to come by. And I think that's true. Because sometimes there is a Golden Gate, a Silver Sails or a Big Wheel on the market, but a Double Header is not normally offered. It was therefore a surprise that someone called for my help in restoring its bingo. When I asked which bingo it was about, he sent  me a photo. The front was not visible, but the drawing showed a resemblance to a Show-Time. It would be odd if I did not be able to gatt a  Show-Time up and running again. Continuing I was told that the problem was, that the bingo did not start up, because the fuse 110 volt circuit always caused problems. They had tried to fix that, but over time the problems came back and the bingo made a lot of noise. One of the first things you are thinking of is that the coil of a motor is giving problems and is going to burn out, but a coil of a CU engine is still available, so I invited the owner to my workshop, and then I suggested that I would solve the problem for him.
On a Saturday morning came the big surprise. During unloading of the bingo, I noticed that it did not involve a ShowTime, but it appeared to be a rare Double Header that was painted in colors of a Show Time. To protect the backglass  the owner did stick wide cellotape at the back. But the result was after a few years that  all ink from the glass came loose and the glass had become virtually unusable.
But that was not the only problem. Within a few seconds I noticed that the motor of the Control Unit was nearly deceased and it had to be replaced by a new coil or complete motor unit. When the 110 volt wiring of the Control Motor was disconnected,  the fuse of the 110 volt circuit did not blow any more starting up the bingo, so we were sure that the coil of the motor caused that problem.. But the noise made by the Mixer Unit  was incredible. Then I noticed that the mixer latch  was driven by a 110 volt coil. I think the Double Header is the only Bally bingo which uses a 110 volt system here. And it was obvious that in the past problems had been with the mixer latch coil, because there was a completely new 110 volt coil fitted. And this coil was the cause of the noise. The new coil was found about 6 mm long, making the axis of the mixer was raised too high. In this way the frame of the mixer unit became a coil stop now and a load banging was the result.
In other words, just to solve one or two problems in a ShowTime should lead to solving many more problems. And because you normally never get a Double Header in the workshop, I offered to restore the complete bingo for this owner in this exceptional situation. And so there was suddenly a Double Header as a new project in the workshop.

After replacing the 110 volt coil of the mixer latch by one of the proper size, the noise problem was cured. As it was pretty hard for the mixer motor to rotate the mixer units and the spotting disc, the entire mixer unit was taken apart, everything was cleaned and then covered with new leather clutches. It appeared that in several mixers angrily with a nippers was cut, because many links connections were interrupted. Based on the documentation of Phil Hooper, all mixer units were repaired.
The Magic Squares unit of Game #2 ran very hard too. To be sure these were completely disassembled and equipped with new leather clutches. The Replay Counter # 2 had serious wear and needed attention and apparently the wiring of the Extra Ball Unit once had a short, for the coil showed traces of fire just like the inside of this unit. So this needed extra attention too.
Besides other regular cleaning and adjustment of many switches there were no other very special repairs. And after all the bingo was sprayed in the original color and design again. A new backglass, according to the latest process was made. As usual I kept the owner informed on a regular base and at last I invited him to collect his new made bingo. When he arrived, he was not alone. Without my knowledge he did contact the manager of a Museum of Amusement Arcade machines and they were interested in the new made Bally Double Header. So the Double Header went to a museum and I made my very first museum piece.
Cellotape did ruin the backglass
This coil was 6 mm oversized
The 110 volt coil was replaced by an original
The Magic Squares were taken into pieces
A new museum piece
The story and restoration of the Double Header
Here more pictures of the technical side
Here more pictures of the artwork