We are going abroad.

In recent years we did present our restorated Bally Bingo's on fifty's and sixty's shows.
Most of the time we got an invitation of the organization of the fair, because those machines are pretty rare and are never on a show in this state and ready to play.
In september 2004 we went to Hasselt (Belgium) for our first presentation. It was the Jukebox & Collectorsshow and we were surrounded by all kinds of curiosities and items from our childhood. After discussing which machines we should take with us, we had to solve transport problems. After the transport to the fair we had to inspect the machines again, but this weekend was a great experience.
One of the main things I still remember from this first fair was the beautiful weather and that the sunshine was just on our bingo's, so that you could hardly see they were ready to play.

The reason why we went to a show was the fact that it became difficult to find spares or complete bingo's in the Netherlands or Belgium. So we thought that by presenting ourselves, we should be able to contact people who still got spares or Bally bingo's. But on the other hand we wanted to show our restorated bingo's and we enjoyed the idea to let people play on our games.

But it did not remain to the show in Hasselt. Organizers of other fairs did notice us and invited us to come to their fairs. But we strictly refused those invitations. We are doing our hobby and aren't doing this in a commercial way, although we are spending a lot of time in this hobby.

However we made one exception to the rule. When our good friend Carl Jacobs, the organizer of the Collector Fantasies in Mechelen invited us for his show. We did accept his invitation, but sometimes it was pretty hard to get newly build bingo's ready in time for the show.

In five different stories with pictures we shall show you around and give you an impression of these fairs.

Ed & Frans