After the restoration of the Bikini, there was another Bikini waiting in the workshop. This bingo will  also find a new owner in the UK. Fortunately was the cabinet of this Bikini much better, but of course there is always something different. The front bar of this Bikini was missing, but with help of Coos a new bar has been made and as usual Ed will do the technical job. However this technical restoration took more time than usually. The inside of the cabinet and the backside of the whiteboard with the Magic Screen was no problem for the Bingowizzard, but many items of the backdoor were changed in the past. Many loose wires, (the managers did their upmost to reduce the chances of player and to increase their own profit) and some hidden problems in the wiring, did Ed challenge to use all his bingo skills. Finally the Bikini surrendered and it played like new again. As Ed sighed, it was hard work and a challenge, but I am satisfied with the result.


See also the pics of the restorated London and watch the film of the London on Youtube.

During one of our trips we did find a number of 20 holers. As the name says, those bingo's does have 20 numbered holes in the playfield. We weren't very keen on this kind of bingo, but after the restoration of a Venice we admitted that the extra game was very fascinating.
The London (1969) has the Triple Play as an extra game. Activated by the white button on the front, you can get in nine steps the highest score of 432 if the 5 balls were played in the correct way. The 20 holes do also have a symbol. A circle, a triangle and a square. The first ball can be placed in any hole, the second ball not in the same symbol and for the third ball is the remaing symbol. When you are successful, you can register the price.
Very simple, but it appeared tricky to do it. But after three well shot balls Bally gives you a choice. Take the price or make it triple with the fourth ball. To do so you have to press the little round button on the front bar next to the R button. At that moment the  symbol you have to shoot is lit (at random) on the backglass. When the fourth ball was successful too, you have to make the same decision again, and you could triple the price with the fitfh ball.

When the fifth ball also was  correct, the golden score lamp was lit and the price was registered automatically.
We experienced the game pretty addicted and many times we forgot to play the standard game with the coloured sections, stars and Red Letter games.