The (almost) new Miss Amerca 75. Read what we found during the restoration and enjoy the pictures.

Sometimes you get help when searching for new samples for the collection and somebody sent me an advertisement.

It said:
"For sale a bingo Silver Sails, complete but without backglass.". No price and no condition, but just a phonenumber. And though the warehouse is filled up, there must a a place for a special OK bingo. Last year Coos and I made a few backglasses for a Silver Sails, so that the backglass would be a minor problem.
Anxious to know more I called the number. The address was in Holland and not too far from Amsterdam. After a few days we went for the Silver Sails. When we arrived it appeared that the guy had several bingos, but from the distance it were all Miss America 75.
We did not see a Silver Sails and  were a little bit disappointed, but when we came closer we noticed the differences. Most of the cabinets were coloured in stars and stripes, but underneath the original paint was visible. And we discovered a Silver Sails and a Lido (with a really new original mirrorized backglass). But also a new Miss America 75. So this happened to be an original and all keys were included. I took a quick view behind the frontdoor and noticed that both meters were still there with hardly any plays on it.
We decided to take the entire lot and as we thought there was only one bingo we had to return with another van. Meanwhile Coos stated he would like to have the Lido, so I decided to go for the Miss 75 as I never touched a new machine like this.