Making choices

When we started collecting Bally Bingo's about 7 years ago, we did not think of collecting all bingo's made by Bally. Besides We made a few restrictions. We would not search for the three- and sixcard models from the late 60 ties and seventies and we did not give priority to the 20 holers. Moreover the Ohio Dime Games (
as Jeffrey Lawton calls them) did not bother us even. In other words we started collecting the bingo's from the early 50 ties till the 20 holers (and the Malibu Beach) from the 70 ties. Long did we doubt to go for the one and only electronic Bally Bingo, (the Continental). But after restorating a Continental for somebody we were able to give this machine back to the owner without having greedy feelings about it.

On this picture Ed after the restoration of the Bally Continental

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