The restoration of the Yacht Club

Some time ago we came into the possession of a Yacht Club (1953). But each time I postponed the restoration of this bingo, because the Yacht Club was painted (pict 1) and nobody could deliver me the original colours or stencils. Even sending mails to my various American friends had no positive effect.

It changed when an original frontdoor of a Yacht Club was offered on E-bay (USA). I bought this door (pict 2) and in this way I got the original colours and I was able to reconstruct a great part of the drawing of the front of the machine

With help of the original flyer and other pictures I could make a stencil from the front. (pict 3). In this way the horizon on the front  (it's the divide between yellow and green on the front) and sides of the cabinet could be drawn. With the flyer and lots of measures I was able to make the stencil for the cabinet. Meanwhile we fortunately found another Yacht Club. The head with the original colours, but also this cabinet had been repainted!

Finally I started the restoration, but it was a big surprise by removing the paint from the right hand side of the cabinet, the original drawing appeared (pict 4). The original design of the front was very usable too and with help of digital technics I could make new stencils to make a new Yacht Club again.

The front bar of a Yacht Club is covered with an iron strip with some text. This strip was still fitted, but as usually is was badly rusted. (pict 5) I never saw a picture of a Yacht Club with a new front bar (with a new strip), so I did not know how it looks like. With help of Phil Hooper I got a picture of a detail of an original frontbar and after that is was just a matter of digitizing and pretty nasty spraying to make the plate. It would be easier to have the text and design cut out of plastic and stick those on. But I liked the difficult way. As we have another Yacht Club, I made two new front bars, so there are some differences  on the pictures.

With help of the original colours on the frontdoor and the colours I found on side of the cabinet, I could have made the matching colours, so that the Yacht Club would be original again. You can hardly see the difference in the yellow section, watching the lower part of the front. As the centre of the front (just underneath the whiteboard) is still the original colour, and both outsides of the front have been sprayed again (pict 6)

Thought not quite authentic I had many parts of the front of the cabinet chromium plated again. It looks bright and shiny again.
(pict 7)

(As you read we do have another Yacht Club and it's for sale)

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I did not see this before. Usualy the Jones Plugs are attached to the wiring in the cabinet and panel. But in the Yacht Club the female connection is on the bottom of the cabinet and the Jones Plugs are situated in the head. To prevent damaging those plugs Bally fitted a few springs where they can tied up during transport. Of course there are a few warning stickers
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