The collection is getting bigger and bigger

Unnoticed did our collection grow. At one moment we had a collection of about 100 Bally Bingo's, amongst them several double copies. We owned the complete series of 10 OK bingo's (from County Fair to Bounty), the first three Magic Screen bingo's without OK (Carnival Queen, Ballerina and Sea Island), the special Magic Screen copy of the Twist, nearly all woodrails from the fifties Broadway, Night Club, Hi Fi, Surf Club, Beach Club, Palm Springs, Gayety, Sun Vally, Beach Time, Miss America, Cypress Gardens, Showtime, Spot Lite, Miami Beach, Dude Ranch, Atlantic City, Bally Beauty, Big Show, Beach Beauty, Yacht Club, Ice Frolics, Variety, Big Time, Key West. The Touch Down and Acapulco and nearly all 20 holers. Many copies of all types of the Miss America and we even found a few copies of the Big Wheel. However it was very strange we never found the sister (or is it a brother?) of the Big Wheel, the Magic Ring and also a Gay Time appeared to be untraceable.

A slideshow of a part of our stock, plenty of hobby hours to go
But a national Dutch TV network enabled me to show my collection, to explain the fun of Bally Bingo's and I could make an announcement to find a Gay Time. My appeal was a success. Several Bally Bingo's were offered, amongst them a very rare Double Header and even a few copies of the Gay Time. However my request for another Bally Bingo, the Parade, was not yet successful.