Export to and import from the USA

As I wrote before did we find several Big Wheels, but we never found her sister the Magic Wheel. We know a few Magic Wheel bingo's, but they were not for sale or already restorated.
However the Magic Ring was found.
On one of my trips to the USA I stayed with my friend Oldbinger and I was working on a Bounty. The Bounty was never built for the USA, so it is pretty rare there. But at that time we owned about five Bounty's and we decided to send a few of them to Oldbinger.

And a miracle happened. A Magic Ring was for sale in the USA via E-bay. After a short call with my good friend Oldbinger he agreed to buy the Magic Ring for us and coincidentally the bingo was only two hours from Oldbingers place.

The shipment to Europe took about two years, because we hoped that something special would be offered. Unfortunately nothing came up and it is not really essential, because our collection is nearly (only a few are missing, as the Parade) complete. Just before the shipment a Beach Time was also added. As you can see the backside of the cabinet of this Beach Time was broken, but to-day this is a minor restoration for us. In mean time the Beach Time has been restorated and is now in the collection of Coos with a new made backglass. However the restoration of all other bingo's will take us another several years.

By clicking on the pictures you can get an impression of the arrival of the pallet with the Magic Ring and Beach Time from the USA in the port of Rotterdam